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If something urgent arises that you must take care of, make sure that there is either a nurse or a doula with her. 5 Help her establish a new rit ual if the old one isn't working anymore. She may not like change at this point, but suggesting something different is a good idea. You may also need to help keep her focused with her breathing if she is doing the Lamaze method. If she is not doing Lamaze, make sure that she is breathing i n a regular pattern. Holding her breath may result in the baby not receiving an adequate oxygen supply, and breathing too fast may result in hype how to add new fonts to photoshop elements 8 rventilating. Help her regulate her breathing during the contraction. 6 Keep calm. During this phase it is not uncommon to see moms cry or become very upset. Realize that this is a normal part of the phase due to the overwhelming intensity of the contractions. Keep calm by keeping your voi write ac program to calculate volume of a cylinder ce low and steady and reassuring her. If you become upset, she will notice it and it may make things worse. If she is crying, allow her to do so. .

massage out to different areas of her body like her lower back, neck, legs and hips. She will probably tell you if she does not like the massage or needs it some place differently. 3 Maintain constant contact during a contraction. Most moms like support throughout the contraction. This gi ves an added sense of security and support. 4 Make movements rhythmic and smooth. Quick, jerky movements have a tendency to irritate moms in labo r.Keep firm pressure and smooth movements through the contraction. 5 Look for specific areas of tension.For instance, look to see if her shoulder free renewal of vows certificate template s are pulled up or if there are lines in her forehead. Try to relax those areas as much as possible. Remind her through your words to relax and r einforce it through your touch. 6 Add pillows for support. 7 If you do something that she really seems to enjoy, do it until she doesn't want it write ac program to calculate volume of a cylinder anymore. You can do that movement continuously, or you can come back to it frequently. More often than not, if massage in a particular place is r .

massage her whenever she really needs it, but try to preserve your energy as much as possible. 9 Think positive thoughts.Many therapists believe that energy can be felt through a person's hands.So, if you are massaging Mom, think positive and relaxing thoughts. If you get really tired or f eel that your energy is waning, take a small break. 10 Keep your hands warm. If you are massaging her continuously, your hands will stay warm. Bu t if you have taken a break, run them under warm water or rub them together first before touching her. 11 Ask Mom about the type of pressure that deepak chopra free ebooks pdf feels best to her. Firm pressure usually feels best during a contraction.1 A good way to fight depression and the workload in general is to get help from family, especially from grandparents.However, it will depend on the family members temperament...some people are just not good with chi write ac program to calculate volume of a cylinder ldren. 2 The old saying is that misery loves company.Try to find or develop a support group among other new mothers who may be experiencing the s .

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