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write a program to calculate simple interest and compound interest

eing the parent of a child suffering with a chronic illness will force you to grow up. You will be challenged to do things that you didn't think possible. It may not always be fun, and there will be tears, but your character and your stamina will expand. In the end, you will say that you a re more patient and kinder because of the parenting that you did. Suddenly, you will really understand what it means not to sweat the small stuff . 4 Expect the difficulties and the hard times. Even while caring for a child who has chronic health problems, and even though your life is harde free audio books online mary higgins clark r than most other parents you know, you will develop a routine and structure that allows you to cope with your days. And though you may have a di sproportionate number of hard days, not every day will be horribly difficult. For every season of difficult days, you can look to the future whic write a program to calculate simple interest and compound interest h will undoubtedly hold a season of days that are only normally difficult. And that is a good thing. 5 Take a break. It seems impossible because .

. But, no matter what, find a way to give yourself a break every once in a while. 6 Spend time with your spouse and with your other children. The se relationships, though not as demanding, are as valuable as the relationship you have with your chronically ill child. Don't neglect one for th e other. 7 Get support. Find a support group where you can air your frustrations and share your difficulties. Your support may come from an actua l support group, your church, or it may be just be a couple of close friends. Know where your real support lies and, when you need help, get it f microsoft press free ebooks download rom the people who truly understand you.Prepare the Box 1 Find a grocery carton which is approximately 2 feet by 3 feet with sides about 8 inches high. If the sides are too high, you can cut them down. 2 Reinforce the bottom of the box with duct tape. 3 Using the extra grocery cartons, cut write a program to calculate simple interest and compound interest walls to divide the box appropriately. Duct tape it in place. Do this after you have gathered all the art supplies so that you know how to d .

Box 5 Include the following items: 6 drawing pencils, a soft eraser, 3 sticks of charcoal, a set of pastels, a box of crayons, a box of colored pencils, a pencil sharpener and a small plastic pouch. Also, include both a small and a large drawing pad. 6 Get your child off to an interesting start by making a few notes at the bottom of the first few pages of the large drawing pad. Here are some suggestions: --Draw a picture of your f amily eating dinner.--Make up a monster on this page.--Draw some interesting looking flowers.--Turn six circles into brand new planets and give t what are the best fonts for powerpoint presentations hem names. 7 Explain to your child that the plastic pouch is for packing up the small drawing pad and a few drawing supplies for outings in the c ar and trips to Grandmas. Outfit Painting Section of the Box 8 Include the following items: a set of poster paints, a set of watercolors, 4 pai write a program to calculate simple interest and compound interest ntbrushes of varying sizes, and a few small plastic cups for water and for mixing colors. Also include heavier weight paper either as separate sh .

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